New student




First of all we would like to give you a big welcome to Linnaeus University in Växjö and a big congratulations to your admission to the School of Business and Economics at Linnaeus University.

Monday the 21st of August starts a week full of activities you have never experienced earlier! It's time for YOUR kickoff and the inauguration of your new student life. To give you the best start that you can possibly have on your new life we would like to invite you to EHVS (Ekonomihögskolan i Växjös) Kickoff-week on the 21st of August. 

The Kickoff

You have probably heard about different kickoff-weeks or "nollningar" in Sweden before where people are forced to drink alcohol, eat catfood, get burned by irons and lots of other stupid stuff with the purpose of embarrassing and harden the new students. FORGET ABOUT THAT! The School of Business and Economics in Växjö and Linnaeus University wants nothing to do with that. Our goal is different and we want every one of the new students to have a great experience where you get the opportunity to get to know lots of new people and at the same time get to enjoy many of the amazing events together. The School of Business and Economics arranges one of the best kickoff-weeks in Sweden. There is going to be lots of fun & amazing activities during 5 days with lots of happening around our campus. 

The Kickoff starts on Monday the 21st of August after your mandatory lecture in the morning. After one week filled with activities the week will be ending on Friday the 25th of August with a banquet. The Committees mission this week is to make sure that YOU get the best start on your life as a new student as possible, to make sure you feel like you've chosen the right city and campus to study in and that you will find our wonderful solidarity we have on this campus. This is of course at the same time as you make new connections and meet the new & old students you'll be spending the next years with to come. The committee will put all our effort together to make sure you have the best time as possible. 


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