Växjöbostäder is the largest renter on campus, with several student-apartments and corridors. Växjöbostäder is using a quesystem where you get quepoints for every day you've been standing in the que. We recommend that you put yourself in que as soon as possible so you can collect enough points for your own apartment. 


Stubor is the renter on campus which most of the new students get an apartment from. Stubor has 1-roomers on 22 square-meters, shower, toilet and kitchen area with a stove, fan, refrigerator and freezer. Stubors 2,5-roomers is on 38 square-meters and have, apart from the same as above 1-roomer, a big living room and two bedrooms. Follow the link to Stubor and make a notification of interest or give them a call.


Campushem prioritize students who are going to study or have already started their studies on Linnaeus University and who are living out of range for commuting to Växjö. Otherwise, they use the quesystem where the person who have waited the longest gets the first apartment. You can send an email of interest to info@campushem.se. Campushem does not accept notifications of interest via telephone.



Krebos apartments is little bit further away from campus than the other apartments. Around 1 km away so you'll be on campus in no-time with a bike. Follow the link to Krebo to give a email of interest or a call.

Other ways

Apart from the above renters, there is also other ways to get an apartment. Blocket has several second-hand contracts of apartments for rental. Even a personal ad about yourself could be useful to find an apartment.

Housing during the Kickoff week

If you have nowhere to stay during the Kickoff-week, please contact us! We have several ways to fix an temporary accommodation during the kickoff-week.


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